Our Administrative Team Has Earned the Spotlight!

Our Administrative Team Has Earned the Spotlight!

Putting our standout performers in the Third Coast Events spotlight is something we never get tired of doing. Our rock-star administrative team has certainly earned some special recognition, with each member bringing something unique to the table. Samara, Katie, and Ashley are the three talented professionals who make up this high-performing group.

Dana I., our firm’s CEO, explained that Samara has the most experience of the administrative team members. She has been an incredible coach to both Katie and Ashley, setting a fine example for them to follow day in and day out.

Our CEO noted that Ashley has proven herself as one of the best multitaskers on the team, skillfully juggling multiple projects at once while attaining great results. Katie is the newest member of the admin trio. She has quickly gained confidence as she’s learned from her more seasoned colleagues, and she has a bright future with Third Coast Events.

The administrative team as a whole works very well together. Due in part to their excellence, our company continues to expand and has multiple opportunities for people looking to join a hardworking and passionate team. Interested jobseekers should check out our Careers page to learn more about the career pathways we provide.

We’re looking forward to watching our administrators expand their skill sets even further. Follow Third Coast Events on Twitter for updates on all our top performers.