Career Possibilities at Third Coast

There are certain qualities that each Third Coast Events team member possesses. These traits set our firm apart from the rest. We embrace ambition and help develop that drive for excellence. Our associates know that the career futures they desire are within their reach.

It’s no wonder we’re able to help bright, energetic minds find their career homes with us.

These Are The Ways We Make Amazing
Careers Come To Life

Hands-On Learning Environment at Third
Coast Events

From their first days, our new Third Coast Events associates take part in our thorough training program. Unlike other firms where videos and manuals are considered sufficient learning tools, we place our associates with more experienced team members so that they can gain a clear understanding of event-based marketing. They engage in all aspects, from customer meetings to research, creation, and event execution.

Peer-to-Peer Training

Each new associate learns the ins and outs of our methods from the Third Coast Events managers, who also learned from the entry level. As such, these experts are happy to discuss best practices, what they find effective, and what should be avoided. They offer ample support and constructive perspectives to ensure a positive learning experience.


Cohesive Talent

We’ve carefully nurtured a team-based culture at Third Coast Events, in which associates can feel secure exchanging ideas and working collaboratively. We all push toward a common goal, while allowing each individual to attain the level of success he or she desires. By instilling confidence and a cohesive approach, everyone can celebrate in our victories.

Networking and Development

Our team members enjoy the benefits of meeting influential business leaders and gaining powerful connections within the industry. We offer numerous opportunities to network at conferences and other events, where they can rub elbows with respected experts. Our associates increase their knowledge and confidence, which adds to their overall success.

Rewarding Travel

Anyone who enjoys heading to new locales will love working for Third Coast Events. Whether we’re sending our people to regional events or tropical retreats, our associates know new opportunities are always on the horizon. Travel perks are among the many rewards they receive for delivering excellence.

Start Something Big at Third
Coast Events

We offer careers with lasting impact. They’re designed in alignment with values that support ambition and a need to achieve. Contact Third Coast Events to learn more about the opportunities we offer. Submit your resume today at