Our CEO Takes the Stage in Dallas

Our CEO Takes the Stage in Dallas

During the recent conference in Dallas, Third Coast Events was well represented by several top performers. We’re also proud to say that Dana I., our company CEO, was featured as a highlight speaker at the prestigious event.

What was most exciting about Dana’s featured speaking role was the fact that she covered a topic that had never been discussed before at the event. She spoke about how to create a championship culture, which is something we take seriously around Third Coast Events HQ. The conference was attended by all the top-level industry leaders, who learned a thing or two about how we maintain our winning team environment.

Team member recognition is one way we ensure a positive atmosphere. Being selected to attend an event such as the Dallas conference is a great example of how we honor our people’s achievements. Company leaders also take time to offer personal gratitude for a job well done, often in front of the entire team.

Clear pathways to advancement also play big roles in our inspiring work culture. We know exactly what we need to achieve to move up within the organization. That keeps us engaged in our work and motivated to take on new challenges.

We were honored to have Dana discuss our strong team culture in front of an audience of business influencers. Follow Third Coast Events on Twitter to learn more about our work atmosphere.