Our Commitment to All-Around Development

Our Commitment to All-Around Development

We’re proud to provide a number of training and development options for members of Team Third Coast Events. Dana I., our company’s CEO, stated, “We put our brand experts in position to thrive by offering in-depth training from their first days on the job. Continuing education also plays a big role in our success, with our team members always adding to their skill sets.”

Those who join our team start in entry-level positions and learn the tricks of the trade from their more experienced colleagues. Dana added, “We offer paid training that allows new hires to work alongside seasoned brand experts and benefit from their unique perspectives. They’ve progressed through the Third Coast Events ranks, so our in-house coaches are invaluable guides for our newest team members.”

Dana appreciates the consistent performance that emerges from having new hires learn through hands-on experience. She remarked, “Our coaching system shows entry-level brand experts our basic procedures and clarifies expectations. By ensuring that everyone has consistent background knowledge as they start their professional journeys, we make it easier for all team members to excel.”

When it comes to ongoing education, we know it keeps people engaged in their work and motivated to do their best. There’s always something new to learn, so we give our team members chances to grow from knowhow gained in internal seminars, travel to industry events, and other rewarding experiences.

We’re devoted to offering our people all the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. Like Third Coast Events on Facebook to learn more about our training approach.