The Educational Side of Our Success

The Educational Side of Our Success

The Third Coast Events mission is all about helping brands gain awareness through innovative on-site sales promotions. Dana I., our firm’s CEO, explained, “We work with Fortune 500 retail stores to give the products we promote floor space for short periods of time. This approach leads to 300 times the revenue and faster access to store shelves for represented brands. We promote 20 companies on a consistent basis, with over 100 more interested in our services.”

Our commitment to ongoing education is a big part of our Third Coast Events success story. Dana remarked, “We have an intense, yearlong MiT/Entrepreneurship training program that teaches all aspects of our events, management, HR, PR, finances, and marketing strategies. This system is designed to develop executive managers who can help us continue our expansion.”

Everyone begins at the entry level, with the same opportunity to leverage our in-depth training. Dana commented, “Our approach is like a master’s program, trade school, and franchise opportunity all in one. Those who are just starting out with us can take advantage of this as they earn commission bonuses and paid travel incentives.”

Creative problem solvers tend to flourish in our immersive training program. Dana added, “People who are reliable in all conditions are ideal for our team. We’re constantly interviewing to find the best fits. There’s a long waiting list of retail stores that want to partner with us, so there’s no such thing as having too many sharp people on board.”

We prepare driven people for long-term success. Learn more about our training approach by liking Third Coast Events on Facebook.