An Exciting Expansion Venture

An Exciting Expansion Venture

“We have big plans for continued growth in 2018,” stated Dana I., our Third Coast Events CEO. “Not only do we have our sights set on vibrant new markets, we’ve already started adding to our portfolio of brands while entering new divisions. We’re getting a fast start to the new year with an expansion effort being led by Taylor W.”

Taylor is spearheading the move into a different division, in which he will be working with a Fortune 500 company. It’s an exciting proposition for Taylor, who is currently busy training his team members to make the most of the expansion.

Dana discussed Taylor’s unique qualifications for leading the expansion. She explained, “Taylor leads by example around the Third Coast Events office. He’s mindful of his own actions and really practices what he preaches to team members. In the process, he inspires all our promotional specialists to apply themselves.”

The CEO also appreciates the fact that Taylor is accountable for helping others as well as achieving his own goals. “He’s every bit as focused on others’ success as he is on his own,” she added. “Taylor is a real asset for our company, and I’m confident that he will help us make the most of our venture into new divisions.”

We’re ready to capitalize on all our growth opportunities in 2018. Stay tuned to the Third Coast Events Newswireto keep up with our expansion efforts.