Our Favorite Questions From Interviewees

Our Favorite Questions From Interviewees

When we meet with potential additions to Team Third Coast Events, we want to hear insightful questions that show how serious candidates are about getting the job. Here are a few things any jobseeker should ask about during interviews if they want to stand out from the crowd.

How a given position contributes to larger business goals is something the most impressive candidates want to know. When we hear this question, we know a person is committed to making a strong impact on Third Coast Events right off the bat.

We also like to be asked how success will be measured in whatever role a person wants to fill. This line of questioning is even more impressive when candidates break it down into specific increments. If someone wants to make a noticeable difference within six months of joining our team, we know we have a strong cultural fit on our hands.

How we invest in team members’ development is another area we want jobseekers to explore. We have a variety of details to share when we respond to this kind of question, because constant improvement is a core principle for us. More than anything, we just want to know that a potential hire is committed to growing right along with our company.

We listen for these types of queries every time we meet with talented candidates. For more on how we approach the interviewing process, like Third Coast Events on Facebook.