Highlighting 2018 Success, 2019 Aspirations

Highlighting 2018 Success, 2019 Aspirations

We’ve had a successful year around Third Coast Events HQ, including expansion and many promotions. Dana I., our firm’s CEO, even won the Manager of the Year award. This major accomplishment reflects how great 2018 was for us, and we hope to keep the positive momentum going right through 2019.

As we plan for the year to come, we’re focusing on a few key elements. First of all, we know our Third Coast Events goals need to be as clear as possible. With specific outcomes to direct our energies, we’re much more likely to achieve successful results. The clearer our aspirations are, the easier we find it to stay engaged and motivated in the process of pursuing them.

We also make sure our objectives allow us to measure our progress. As we check off key milestones along the way to our highest benchmarks, we gain motivation and confidence in our abilities to get our jobs done. We’re also careful to highlight each minor milestone to keep our spirits high as we close in on our key goals.

Although we’re thinking back to our best 2018 results to get inspired for next year, we’re also reflecting on the unexpected outcomes. We know there’s something valuable to be taken from each experience, so we want to make sure we identify every productive lesson.

Our team is ready to seize every opportunity 2019 presents. Follow Third Coast Events on Instagram for updates on our achievements.