Honoring Taylor’s Recent Promotion to Management

Honoring Taylor’s Recent Promotion to Management

Promotions are always worth celebrating, so we’re sure to do so around Third Coast Events HQ. Today, we’re highlighting Taylor for his recent elevation to the role of executive manager. Taylor has proven himself to be strategic, knowledgeable, and an all-around sharp professional. He’s an ideal fit for an executive position.

Taylor genuinely cares about his team and goes out of his way to ensure they’re comfortable in their roles. Dana I., our firm’s CEO, explained that Taylor is a naturally helpful person who also knows how to relate to other people. This makes him a great confidant as well as a skilled motivator. Dana noted that Taylor has the mentality of wanting to see every member of his team grow and flourish in his or her role.

Dana added that Taylor has really been acting in an executive capacity for quite some time. He now has the title to go along with his knack for effective leadership. Taylor’s passion for his work and for helping others build on their unique strengths will serve him well in the months and years to come.

The fact that we emphasize internal promotions makes the Third Coast Events culture especially inspiring. We know our efforts will be rewarded, so our engagement levels remain high at all times. Our office is a supportive place where hard work is recognized in meaningful ways.

Taylor is a prime example of the advancement-focused culture we’ve built. Like Third Coast Events on Facebook for updates on his progress and all our standout performers.