Why This Team Is Talking SMAC

Why This Team Is Talking SMAC

There’s so much planned for 2019 around the Third Coast Events office we can’t contain our excitement. We’re already looking forward to opening five new branches in three new territories. As we move our campaign model forward into new markets, everyone here is primed to capitalize on all of the potential these endeavors offer.

So why is Team Third Coast Events so confident that we’ll prevail as we expand our business? It comes down to how we set goals. From the first moment someone joins our team, they develop a keen understanding of our objective strategy. We’re talking SMAC: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, and Compatible. Let’s explore what this means:

• Specific: Every goal needs to be clear and concrete. This way we know exactly what we’re reaching for at all times.

• Measurable: Applying metrics to goals lets us track our progress on a periodic basis. By doing so, we can see if we’re progressing as expected or need to make adjustments.

• Achievable: Setting goals that stretch our comfort zones but are still attainable is critical. We want to be able to actually accomplish our objectives and, at the same time, challenge ourselves.

• Compatible: Every goal should be aligned with our long-term vision for success.

We’re on a trajectory for real growth in 2019. Follow Third Coast Events’ progress on Instagram to see how we make SMAC work for us.