Top-Flight Leadership Powers Our Success

Top-Flight Leadership Powers Our Success

Having recently celebrated our five-year anniversary, we’re excited to highlight the leadership that continues to fuel our Third Coast Events success. Dana, our firm’s CEO, sets the pace for our entire team by setting clear goals and expectations. She also backs up her words with focused actions, inspiring us all to do the same. Through our CEO and other frontrunners’ examples, we’ve learned that effective business leaders must do the following key things:

• Recognize and Reward Excellence: However team members contribute to major accomplishments, leaders need to make sure their efforts are valued. People will stay motivated to perform at their best if they know their hard work is being noticed.

• Show Confidence in Team Members: We’re pushed to go beyond our current skill sets around the Third Coast Events office. This is because our leaders believe in our abilities and encourage us to take calculated risks. We feel empowered as a result, which leads to more innovative on-site sales promotions.

• Build Trust: Successful leaders are accountable, spreading the credit for success and sharing the blame when things don’t go as planned. They’re also upfront about the reasons behind any shifts in strategy or changes in plans.

We’re lucky to have a dedicated leadership team that understands these key concepts. To learn more about the people who drive our success, follow Third Coast Events on LinkedIn.