Kicking Off 2019 Travel Schedule in Dallas

Kicking Off 2019 Travel Schedule in Dallas

A recent quarterly networking conference in Dallas served as our first big travel event of 2019. We were able to network with and learn from influential industry leaders and top-performing peers. Our entire administrative team made the trip, so it was truly a company-wide bonding experience. We all returned to the Third Coast Events home office more assured in the unique nature of our working relationships.

We try to make the most of every business trip by sticking to our routines as much as possible. This means prioritizing sleep and exercise when we’re far from home. When we take control of our schedules, we tend to get more value out of every excursion.

Maintaining our senses of humor also helps us enjoy every Third Coast Events team travel event to the fullest. Even if there are sudden schedule changes or complications with our travel arrangements, we do our best to stay upbeat. We find productive lessons in every setback on the job, so we aim to do the same when we’re on the road.

Of course, we also employ some special techniques to increase the success of our contacting efforts. First among them is asking open-ended questions, which keep potential connections talking about themselves. When we give others the floor, we tend to be remembered in a positive light.

We’re excited for the rest of our 2019 team travel events. Like Third Coast Events on Facebook to receive updates from the road.